His unhoped favor!

his unhoped

Exhausted with the last few sleepless nights as my son had fever and throat infection, I couldn’t imagine this day to be any better than just having a tired body, household chores screaming my name and me rushing to make sure everything works ok at home. But I didn’t want this day just to get over like the other days. It was my daughter’s birthday and I was awake at 5:00am lying on my bed, wondering if I could make this day any better for her. The little savings I had for her birthday could either buy her a new dress or a cake. But instead of sharing the needs with God in prayer, I thought of just thanking Him for His every blessing (Already there are so many things on my list to ask Him!) as I started off my day.

The beginning of the day was filled with mixed emotions when I looked at my child who has been struggling for years. All I had wished for her was to have a healthy & normal body. But I still wasn’t understanding God’s plan for her life. I still wasn’t accepting her in this condition. My motherly love was compelling me to gather all the happiness I could for her this day. I wished her to feel she is loved, admired and treasured.

To have birthday ambience, we hung some balloons in the hall but just wasn’t sure if we could invite our friends or have any celebration for her with our limitations. We began the day wishing it to be a special one for her, but at the same time not having any great hope for the situation to turn around.

A few sisters from my women’s fellowship from Church visited us in the morning. To our surprise, they had arrived with a full birthday package. I couldn’t believe that God cared for my unexpressed desire. I knew for sure, He heard me clearly this morning! All the sisters celebrated her birthday and blessed her with their prayers, wishes, songs & gifts. The moment when I was not able to decide if I should buy a dress or a cake for her, someone far away was buying beautiful dresses and a lovely cake for her. While I was wondering how I could make her day special, someone was making beautiful birthday cards and planning a birthday party for her. When I thought, only I desired her day to be special, God brought his people in her life who too wished her birthday to be special.

And at the end of the day, all I could pray was to just thank Him for His blessings and of course fulfilling my unexpressed wish of celebrating my daughter’s birthday in a way more than I could imagine.

“From the fullness of His grace, we have received one blessing after another.” John 1:16

I am sure you too have experienced God’s wonderful intervention in your day to day life. Whether it is your silent prayer or wish He fulfilled or His provision at the exact time you needed it, or it is an encouraging word you needed to hear from someone, or a phone call or an e-mail you were waiting for or anything you can name…Isn’t it amazing that we serve the Lord who cares for our small & trivial desires too?

While we wait for some thunderous, adventurous, burning bush experience to take place as God intervenes, He actually shows up through very simple ways.  He works in ways we least expect of. We might think He has got more important works to do and He might not be bothered about our simple wishes… but He does care for them. He wants us to know that He is happy seeing His children enjoy His provisions and His unexpected surprises too.


Will I still love my Heavenly Father?

will i still love

The other day my five years old son was playing with his toys in the evening. As he saw his dad bringing grocery bags to the kitchen, he left the toys and ran to search in the bags to see if there was anything that his dad had bought for him. He searched but was a bit disappointed because he couldn’t find any surprise this time. He came back and started to play again with his toys. I asked him, “Asher, this time Pappa didn’t buy any surprise (candies or wafers) for you, do you still love Pappa?” His answer suprised me! He said, yes! I still love Pappa.

This small conversation with my son took me back to my childhood times when I was of his age. I too wanted my father to buy candies for me or to buy what I demanded on my little list of things. When he didn’t get those things for me, I would be really upset, I wouldn’t eat or talk to anyone till I got what I wanted. I was the total opposite of my son.

Similarly, as I have a closer look at my relationship with my heavenly Father, I see that often I have viewed God as someone who ought to fulfil all the wishes on my list. If He gives me what I desire, He is a good Father and I will love Him. If He doesn’t, I will be upset with Him. It was something like this…I seek Him when I am in need or crisis and if I don’t get the results the way I expected, I will be upset with Him and probably end up feeling distant from Him.

I asked the same question to myself which I asked to my son, “Do I still love my Father in heaven even if He doesn’t  answer my prayers and grant my heart’s desires?”

I realized, I had merely sought Him out of selfish ambition to get answers to my prayers instead of seeking the deeper and closer relationship with the Answer Giver. He knows what is best for me more than I think or could ever imagine. He doesn’t want me to show up when I am in need, but He wants me to come to Him desiring His presence and a deeper bond with Him. So even in the midst of life’s challenges I will have His peace, joy, strength and His abounding grace for my life.

The truth is He knows my needs, my heart desires, my dreams and every little aspect of my life. He even knows my fears, my worries and my challenges. And most of all He has my best interests at His heart. My approach should be like my son; I still love my Father even if I haven’t received what I expected from Him. I know He will surely give me what He thinks is best for me.

Dear Father!

Forgive me for seeking you just for getting answers to my prayers instead of seeking a deeper relationship with you. Many a time I fail to understand your gracious & loving heart for me. I am sorry for coming to your throne expecting only what I desire rather than understanding what you desire for me. Sorry Father for being so self-centred and self-obsessed that I couldn’t even hear what you want to say to me. Sorry for not seeking the joy of your presence but seeking only my ambitions. I want to surrender myself to you acknowledging that you are a good Father who loves me with agape love. Please help me to understand the deepness of your love and the sweetness of your presence and a close relationship with you. Amen!