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A Ministry of Yuva Social Movement

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I am so priviledged and proud to be a part of  Yuva Social Movement a Christian Charitable Organization. Yuva Child Develpoment Center is one of the ministries of the Organization. We are committed to work among the needy and tribal children and their families who are suffering from extreme poverty and hopelessness.Yuva CDC was birthed through the vision for the next generation as our hearts are burdened to see these little lives suffer by the epidemic of poverty and are robbed of their childhood. Yuva CDC was started with 6 children in 2011 and now we have 59 tribal children attending the Project.

Yuva Child Development Center is situated in the remote village Named Thotamoola, Wayanad the northern district of Kerala, India. This small tribal community is situated nearby the tiger reserved forest and the village is always under the threat of wild animal attacks including Tiger and Elephants.

The men and women of the tribal communities are addicted to alcohol and are negligent of their family welfare.They are daily wages labourers and struggle to make ends meet. Who suffers the most? The children of course. They get no food, no love and no care from their families. By conducting daily program for these impoverished children, we want to touch every aspects of their lives and see them live a happy, healthy and thriving life despite of their circumstances.

We believe that every child has a God-given purpose because he/she is created in the image and likeness of God and is precious to Him. Poverty has negative effects on children’s life. By rescuing them from the dreadful snares of its effects, we desire to give them a healthy childhood and a promising future for God’s glory, through assisting them to achieve their larger than life purpose with excellence.

At present we have 5 dedicated staffs working at Yuva CDC who are lovingly taking care of the children. At the Center, the 59 kids are given nutritious food, educational materials, hygiene supplies, medical care, and a holistic education which includes: Classes on hygiene, physical training, fun & engaging academic classes and guidance to discover their God-given talents and potential.

We desire to provide them all the facilities which will help them to achieve their divine purpose. It starts from a nursery to university and agriculture to technology. But in these growing stages of our children and project we would like to meet the basic needs so that we can build upon it. We dream to give them better facilities by having the land and the Project building. We desire to provide them with classroom equipment, continuous supply of healthy meals, educational & hygiene materials, medical care, new clothes and salary to our staffs who sacrificially serve at the Center.

This is how you can join our dream:

By praying for our works.
By being a volunteer for the Organization.
By offering a financial help towards the needs.
By helping us raise fund for our Campaigns.
By sharing your suggestions and ideas.

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